Studio 1


Our mission is "training and development" . Our approach is "learn while doing" .

Our studios are in Chesterfield , Derbyshire. About a 3 or 4 minute drive from the town centre. We don't advertise our full address to encourage you to contact us before arranging a visit.

Apart from essentials like a small car park and kitchen for making coffee , there is also :- 

  • Studio 1 - Music production studio (also called the Control Room) .
  • Studio 2  -Vocal booth room.
  • Studio 3 - Video production studio .

Please don't come and see us without arranging a specific day and time with us beforehand. 

This is because there is a good chance we may be filming or recording a singer if you turn up out of the blue. Just as we are sure you wouldn't want to be disturbed when recording , whoever is in the studio probably feels the same.

Also the place is built like a fortress (really!) so you would need someone to let you in through all the security e.t.c. and we get very focused when working on a track or a video.

The best way to reach us is by e-mail . Or you can phone us and leave a message. (We turn our phones to silent when working).

This may seem a bit unusual - but unusual can be good sometimes! And at least you know , if you are working with us - you will have our full attention!